Presented by Marriage Therapist, Holistic Celebrant and Life & Love Coach Sarah Tolmie 

Creating a Miracle Marriage - Online Couples Course

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Online course for couples looking to create lifelong loving, joy & intimacy

in Marriage & Committed Union


Planning to get married?

Did you know in Australia 1 in 2 marriages

will end in DIVORCE?


 Are you planning for marriage?  Do you have the relationship skills and prepared for what it takes for lifelong loving? 


Are you entering marriage but come from a broken family yourself? Are you worried when things get tough, you won't know how to stay connected?


Are you already in committed union or marriage?

Does Your Marriage Need a Miracle?


  Has the spark gone?

As a couple, are you growing in parallel silos or unevenly or in different directions?

Not talking anymore or only about the kids and home chores?

Is your marriage missing affection, kindness and respect?

Are you feeling bored, unappreciated or even taken for granted?

Maybe you are looking enviously at other relationships?

Are you having the same fights and never fully resolving disagreements or disappointments?

Are you holding in anger, resentment and unexpressed disappointment?

You don’t want to leave and still love each other, but you are wondering how things might be if you did leave?

Do you crave intimacy and connection – how it used to be – but don’t know how to achieve it anymore?

Are you feeling alone, un-resourced and don’t know where to go for support?

Maybe you are at the point of wishing for a miracle?


Does this sound like your marriage

or some you may know?

  • Designed for couples to do together

    One purchase allows 2 people access to the course teachings

  • Provides  Mindset Mentoring  AND the relationship tools, practices and strategies to help you implement true change and feel the results

    The course is designed to go both deep & practical.


    All videos are delivered by Sarah, they are easy, fun and also include exercise worksheets couples can do together.


    Part 1. Miracle Marriage Mindset Modules


    5 x mindset training modules on the fundamentals of relationship creation and design are: 


    - 1. Miracle Marriage Manifesto

    - 2. Evolving into a Miracle Marriage

    - 3. Blueprint for a Miracle Marriage

    - 4. Secret Formula of a Miracle Marriage

    - 5. Making Sacred your Miracle Marriage


    Part 2. Miracle Marriage Tutorials Series


    10 x super practical videos on the skills, practices and relationships exercises that will TRANSFORM your relationship into a Miracle Marriage.  These tutorials teach you the real tangible skills essential for maintaining, nourishing, protecting and evolving your relationship into deep intimacy, great communication, mutual respect, friendship and joy.


    These essential skills tutorials are:  


    - 1. Playing your A-Game

    - 2. Languages of Love

    - 3. Tapping

    - 4. The Four Horsemen 

    - 5. The Sound Relationship House 

    - 6. Empathy

    - 7. Positive Conflict

    - 8. Fierce Intimacy

    - 9. Playing the game of Kings & Queens

    -10. Your Erotic Life & Love

  • Includes 30mins relationship Skype coaching call with Sarah 

    At any time through the course participants can email access Sarah with questions and during the course or at the end, Sarah will conduct a personalised Skype coaching call with each couple valued at $125

  • Equivalent to 15 hours of Couple Coaching / Marriage Therapy. 

    Marriage Therapy and face to face couple coaching is expensive. A good therapist/coach can cost btw $250-$300hour.  Creating a Miracle Marriage Course is equivalent to 15hours of expertise coaching valued at over $5000.

  • Includes bonus interviews & audios

Did you know, in Australia, current census statistics indicate that 1 in 2 first marriages end in divorce. And 60% of second marriages fail and 70% of third marriages fail. The cost of Divorce is more than $$financial$$ - it breaks down families and breaks hearts.


At many stages through a couples life, therapy and marriage mentoring can help couples successfully navigate times of challenge, change and crisis, but did you know, the average amount of hours couples need to invest with a therapist to get meaningful results is at least 20hrs.  This can end up costing over $5000 in professional therapy.  

Presented by Sarah Tolmie, Gottman trained marriage therapist, love & relationship  coach, and holistic celebrant, Creating a Miracle Marriage online course enables  couples to bypass the time, expense and logistical challenges of attending relationship coaching or marriage therapy.


The course offers a unique and comprehensive relationship coaching  that goes both deep and practical with all video tutorials delivered personally by Sarah.


These teachings are based on Sarah's lived, loved and proven Miracle Marriage method, outlined in her eBook, Miracle Marriage Manifesto, and underpinned by her training in Gottman Institute Couples Therapy

Couples will learn how to:

  • successfully communicate needs &desires
  • reduce negative emotions and increase fun, friendship and fondness
  • achieve full personal expression and  create shared joy & meaning
  • approach conflict for positive outcomes to achieve understanding, acceptance and deeper connection
  • increase intimacy, trust & commitment
  • evolve in deep partnership & union


Sarah was able to guide us in the right direction. Working with Sarah has been an emotional roller coaster that we had to ride as a couple to live our best life together and we couldn’t be happier. She has given us the ability to see our relationship as a living organism that requires attention and I am so grateful.  Sarah offers such a warm and understanding atmosphere conducive to sharing and divulging our inner most fears and issues. I know the tools she have given us will be used daily and will only continue to improve our relationship.​

Lisa & Cameron

Marriage Repair & Enrichment

Knowing we loved each other wasn’t enough for us entering into marriage. Both coming from broken families, we knew marriage was important for us but we didn’t know we could really do it right. Sarah taught us to create a vision for a successful marriage and how to do it with the right skills for communication, intimacy and conflict. We use the skills and knowledge all the time. We actually have a language to help and support each other through stuff. We are now encountering some of the things Sarah prepared us for and we aren’t freaked out. We have a way through. We are so happy and strong together. We love our Miracle Marriage”

Jenny & Brent

Marriage Preparation

Miracle Marriage E-Course & Toolkit

70% Discount

Miracle Marriage Manifesto


  • Educate - Enliven - Enrich - Evolve

  • A radical rethink for modern marriage

  • An essential read for couples preparing for marriage as well as couples already in committed union.

  • Outlines the blueprint for healthy relationship, supporting couples to thrive (not just survive) in lifelong loving


Miracle Marriage

Toolkit Series

10 x Tutorials

Special 'unbundled' section from the full  Online Course

Was $449

Now only $97

Creating A Miracle Marriage Online Course for Couples

  • Access for 2 people into the course

  • 5 x Miracle Marriage teaching videos and

    10 x Miracle Marriage toolkit tutorials on relationship skills and exercises

  • 30 Minute Skype Coaching Call with Sarah

  • Bonus videos and interview recordings

Was $897/couple

Now $247/couple

Creating a Miracle Marriage 

Online Course for Couples



Section 1  - Miracle Marriage Mindset 

(5 x Modules)

Foundational teachings for establishing a shared Miracle Marriage mindset for enriched and evolved lifelong loving.

  • Module 1 - Miracle Marriage Manifesto

    We explore the current marriage landscape and invite a new definition of marriage that is modern, sustainable and exciting. 


  • Module 3 - Blueprint for a Miracle Marriage

    Sarah outlines a working blueprint for a Miracle Marriage that is easy to understand and adopt 

  • Module 5 - Making Sacred your Miracle Marriage

    How to become 'Mindfully Wed' and bring your Miracle Marriage alive.

A Miracle Marriage is committed to continual growth, relationship evolution, purposeful living, full expression and deep joy.


A Miracle Marriage asks:


What are you feeling?

What do you need?

“What do you want?

How can I support you

to achieve that?


A Miracle Marriage is an exquisite invitation

to be conscious in love. 

  • Module 2 - Evolving into a Miracle Marriage

    We explore how to move from relationship SURVIVAL to THRIVAL with a Miracle Marriage Mindset. 


  • Module 4 - Secret Formula for a Miracle Marriage

    Learn the secret formula and relationship patterns to work  a Miracle Marriage.

Section 2: Miracle Marriage Toolkit Series

10 x Video Tutorials of super practical, easy and essential relationship skills, practices, habit and exercises that will TRANSFORM your relationship into a Miracle Marriage

  • Tutorial 1 - Playing your A-Game

    Learn to play with 'elite level' skills in relationship and love by understanding the foundations, principles, practices and approaches for bringing your A-Game to your Miracle Marriage. 


  • Tutorial 3 - Tapping

    Tapping is an amazing and essential resource for life & love in general, an elegant self-therapeutic tool for emotional regulation, empathy, self-soothing and self-awareness. 

  • Tutorial 5 - The Sound Relationship House

    Learn a model for a healthy relationship and the many elements/aspects of care and attention using the Gottman Sound Relationship House.

  • Tutorial 7 - How to have Positive Conflict

    Learn how to 'fight' in a healthy and productive way to enable 'positive conflict' - where transgressions and issues can be heard, and needs and wants can be shared, safely.

  • Tutorial 9 - Becoming Kings & Queens

    A playful way to invite couples to remember to stand in their Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies, recognising there is an essential dance of difference and complementarity.

  • Tutorial 2 - Learning the Languages of Love

    5 Primary Languages of Love - a fast, easy and effective practice of becoming fluent in the rituals and habits of behaving in a way your beloved knows they are loved. 


  • Tutorial 4 - The Four Horsemen

    Tapping is an amazing and essential resource for life & love in general, an elegant self-therapeutic tool for emotional regulation, empathy, self-soothing and self-awareness.

  • Tutorial 6 - Empathy

    Empathy is a learned and essential skill. It takes awareness, accountability, and mastery over your own emotional regulation and a willingness to hold another in their emotional experience of the world.

  • Tutorial 8 - Deepen into Fierce Intimacy

    When you need to have those very hard, difficult, deeply vulnerable conversations about hurts / disappointments / transgressions / issues / crises and challenges

  • Tutorial 10 - Your Erotic Life & Love

    Sex, Intimacy, Desire and Passion over a lifetime

    Kicking off the conversations together about sex & love, love & lust, desire & passion - and begin to explore, discover and negotiate the nuances of your erotic landscape and sexual relationship. 

Quality Content - Guaranteed Results - Amazing Value

Did you know, in Australia, current census statistics indicate that 1 in 2 first marriages end in divorce.

And 60% of second marriages fail and 70% of third marriages fail.

The cost of Divorce is more than $$financial$$ - it breaks families and breaks hearts.


At many stages through a couples life & love, therapy and marriage mentoring can help couples successfully navigate times of challenge, change and crisis, but did you know, the average amount of hours couples invest with a therapist to get meaningful results is 20hrs, costing up to $5000 in professional therapist fees. 


Creating a Miracle Marriage Course, however, can act as early prevention and a cost effective solution to support couples for enriched, lifelong loving, through every stage of their marriage, at fraction of the cost.

15+ hours

Expert Coaching

8 years



Happy Couples

2 for 1

Couple Access

Miracle Marriage Toolkit Tutorial Series only $97




Buy the full Course only $247 

Provides access for a couple (2 people)

Includes 15hours expert coaching - both Miracle Marriage Mindset Modules AND Toolkit Tutorial Series

Plus a personal 30mins coaching call with Sarah

Bonus interview audios and video


Sarah Tolmie - Life & Love

Sarah is a highly skilled and fully trained Marriage Therapist.


Her ‘Miracle Marriage’ principles and teachings offer a contemporary, real and sustainable approach for couples to repair conflict and expand and enrich their experience of life, love and intimacy in committed relationships and marriage.


With clinical training in the Gottman Couple Therapy Method – a scientific and evidenced based framework with more than 40years of proven research and success - Sarah's approach offers a solid, tangible and proven pathway for couples to create, sustain and evolve a lifetime of love.

  • Fully trained Marital Therapist, completing Levels 1 & 2 in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.
  • Bachelor Arts (Social Anthropology, Psychology & Linguistics)
  • Masters in Communication Management
  • Diploma in Marriage & Funeral Celebrancy
  • Pastoral Care (College of Clinical Pastoral Education)
  • NLP Master Practitioner & Coach; Master Specialist Coaching & Counseling (ABNLP)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnosis (ABH)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®
  • Laughter Yoga Leader
  • Primary Ethics Volunteer Teacher (Primary Ethics NSW

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